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We manage capital in the Decentralized Finance HF space. Our Fund is open to accredited investors seeking to invest $100,000 or more in digital assets or blockchain-enabled companies.
Warp Capital has selected 3 areas of investment in the DeFi field:
Yield generating strategies based on governance tokens - “farming”
Time arbitrage strategies
Interest rate arbitrage strategies
Control over funds
by investors
Warp Capital is one of few decentralized finance hedge funds that provides full control over the invested funds to the investors with capital contributions of $1M+:
An investor receives the keys to a multi-signature smart contract and any changes to the smart contract are impossible without the consent of the investor, there is also an option to rescue funds in case of emergency solely by the investor.
Warp Capital uses its own capital to test and develop new DeFi structured products and investment strategies. Investors’ funds are not used for testing new strategies.
Warp Capital applies best-in-class solutions to ensure the distributed access control over the funds.
WARP Capital key competetive
  • Extensive experience in the field of capital management in traditional financial and cryptocurrency markets provides for high yield and record-breaking risk minimization
  • A systematic approach to creating a portfolio of arbitrage strategies that are optimal for institutional investors
  • Deep expert analysis of global trends in the world of digital assets and blockchain
Partners network:
  • Access to the leading projects and their key founders in the DeFi field worldwide
  • Additional arbitrage opportunities by providing early liquidity to promising projects
Resources and tools:
  • Automated monitoring of new strategies
  • Automated monitoring of capital movements on the market
  • Continuous security audit of program codes and infrastructure
  • The best expertise in the development and automation of DeFi trading strategies on the blockchain
Monitoring system
Warp Capital has developed a proprietary monitoring system that provides access to operational information of the current performance on the key blockchain platforms (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Free TON) an the overall condition of the DeFi market
  • Monitoring the largest by assets cryptocurrency addresses
  • Monitoring the movement of capital and allocated positions on the largest smart contracts (for TOP-30 DeFi projects)
  • Monitoring the most frequent contracts (in terms of gas consumption) in the Ethereum network
  • Monitoring chains of large transactions and interconnections
  • Monitoring the conditions and parameters of capital allocation in the TOP-30 DeFi projects
  • Automated identification of potential strategies based on machine learning techniques
The internal processes of the Fund's investment activities are aimed at minimization not only of the market risks, but also the risk of the human performance in the capital management.
Warp Capital has developed the unique DeFi strategies for institutional investors and applies various financial instruments, satisfying specific needs.
In addition to baseline strategies, our allows to gain yields for Bitcoin/Ethereum based assets, to hedge against FX-risks or develop a new one tailor-made strategy.
The Fund’s legal structure allows to set up a separate segregated portfolios and, therefore, to excludes cross- liability with other investors of the Fund.
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Warp Capital is the team of investment management professionals, experienced developers and qualified traders:
years of IT development experience
years of trading experience
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